About Black Oak Doors Murfreesboro

Make Your Home More Inviting, Appealing, And Secure

Changing out the front entry door of your Murfreesboro home is a great way to add a touch of elegance while improving the resale value of your home.

If you want the entryway of your home to not only welcome visitors but to make a statement about your personal style and deep appreciation for quality, Black Oak LLC can help. Unseen but equally important are energy efficiency and security; your new door needs to be safe and sealed.

Fortunately, Black Oak LLC offer top-quality pre-hung front doors from manufacturers such as Andersen, Marvin, Windsor, and Provia; to name a few. With an extensive selection of front doors, we’re sure we have the look for you. After all, when it comes to “bang for the buck”, choosing a new front door is a great way to beautify your home.

Entry Doors For Your Murfreesboro Home’s Style

Of course, your replacement door needs to be solid, secure, and safe; but it is so much more than just a door. Your front door is a statement! It’s the accent piece that can make or break the curb appeal of your home.

You have put so much thought and work into your design and style and the perfect door is perhaps the most important piece. In addition to the door’s construction aesthetic, there is a vast array of windows and glass features for each of the entry doors we offer.

American Craftsman Style

  • Craftsman doors typically have decorative glass panes in the upper third of the door with a thick trim piece separating the glass from the lower flat panels on the rest of the door.
  • Designed in the Arts and Crafts ideal and typically found on Cottage, Bungalow, and Prairie style homes.
Craftsman style door with sideltes.
Craftsman Style

Classic/Colonial Style

  • Dating back to the Colonial period of American history, Colonial doors were inspired by Georgian English designs featuring solid construction and anywhere from two to six panels.
  • Typically found in Farmhouse and Traditional architecture.
Six-paneled colonial door
Colonial Style

Old World Style

  • Old World designed doors are inspired by historical European architecture with a very substantial feel and aesthetic and may include iron ornaments and embellishments.
  • Often used with Mediterranean, European and French Countryside architecture.
Rustic old-world charm
Old World Style

Modern Contemporary Style

  • Contemporary doors, also known as Modern doors, are defined by their minimalist design and clean, geometric, lines and often feature glass inserts.
  • They can be used with Rectangular, Geometric and Curved Architecture.
Sleek, clean, contemporary style
Contemporary Style

Once you’ve identified the style of your home, you’ll find you have a dizzying number of door styles and glass styles to choose from, but we’ll walk you through the process until you find just the look you want.

A Word About Quality

Now that we’ve looked over some door styles, a word about quality. Imagine you’ve just selected and installed a beautiful Old World styled double door with striking iron accent strap hinges, it looks amazing; but, it’s a flimsy, drafty, piece of junk. Every time the wind blows it whistles and it sags so badly that it won’t even latch; this won’t do.

At Black Oak LLC we believe that quality products, properly installed by professionals, is the only way to operate, in fact, it’s why we exist. We’re going to help you find a door that not only looks great but actually is great. That’s why we carry top quality doors from the best manufacturers in the nation.

Door Material Options

In the past, the question you had to answer for exterior door materials was, “What kind of wood?”; that is no longer the case. Today’s door manufacturers offer a range of options like steel, fiberglass composite, and clad-wood.

Sure, you can still get the warmth and beauty of natural wood; but it is nice to also have the opportunity to select the durability and strength of a steel entry door or the efficiency of a fiberglass front door. With so many options, you need an Expert; and our Product Specialists are happy to assist you in your decision.

Make a statement with your entry door.

Choosing An Energy Efficient Door

The two factors used to rate a door’s energy efficiency are its Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) and U-Factor. The SHGC describes how easily the door transfers the sun’s heat, both direct and indirect, from the outside to the inside. Since we deal with more warm weather than cold around here, you want to choose a door with a low number. If you lived in a colder climate, a higher number would mean you keep more of your home’s heat inside.

U-Factor describes the insulative properties of the door. This one you want low no matter what climate you live in. In other words, a door with a good U-Factor will help your home to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. You can see a more in-depth explanation here.

Safety And Security Matters

A front door should look inviting, yet be strong enough to protect those inside. The weakest point of a door is the latch. Most front doors just have a single latch, plus a deadbolt at best. So you’re looking at one or two points of security on that huge front door which means you’re one swift kick away from failure.

Today, you can choose a door with a multi-point locking system to provide your family with the safety and security they deserve. Multi-point locking systems do so by engaging with a much larger section of the door jamb and many actually hook into the latches to keep the door from being pried open.

If you feel like you need the next level of security you may want to opt for a material selection that will stand up to even the most severe abuse. Metal-clad or steel doors offer a level of durability that the typical entry door just can’t stand up to, literally.

Why Choose Black Oak LLC?

In a word, “Care”. The professionals at Black Oak LLC care about the needs of our customers. We operate under the premise that if you treat others with dignity and respect, profits will follow. We are a local, family-owned, company so you won’t get stuck on the phone being transferred from person to person trying to get a question answered. Jeff, our owner, is available to take your call and help in any way that he can.

When we say, “No Pushy Salespeople” we mean it. Our Product Specialists are here to answer questions and provide you with the information that you need to make an informed decision on your project. With so many door options, choosing a front door can seem overwhelming and we’re here to help. Your home is one of your most significant investments and we respect that, and you will not be coerced into something you do not need or want.

They’ve Come A Long Way

Are you looking for a new sliding patio door for your home? Watch this video and learn more about different types, styles, and materials that are used in today’s best sliding glass doors

There are certain considerations that should go into your decision about which brand you’ll choose and who will perform the installation.

Houston Window Experts is proud to offer Milgard, Marvin, Andersen, Pella, Amsco, Windsor, Fleetwood, and several other major brands of sliding glass patio doors. Since patio doors are often the largest window in the home, it’s reassuring to know that Houston Window Experts offers the same features in their sliding doors that make their windows so energy-efficient. Those features include:

Today’s top sliding doors are energy efficient, operate beautifully and come in dozens of colors.

  • We have doors that are made from Aluminum, Thermal aluminum, vinyl, fiberglass, wood, wood with aluminum clad and composites.
  • Doors come in dozens of colors. We have anodized finishes, painted colors, powder-coated aluminum, pigmented vinyl, cap-stock colors and many more. You can easily find a color that you will love.
  • Glass options are plentiful. Whether your door faces the west sun and you need extreme glass coatings or if you have a very shaded yard, we can suggest the right glass and energy efficiency for your door.

The advantages of sliding patio door replacements include their smooth operation along the tracks at the head and sill. Since a sliding door doesn’t require swing room like hinged doors, they’re ideal for rooms with limited space, and they can be designed to operate from the right or left.

Patio doors are designed to meet thermal and solar requirements, local energy codes, and green building efficiency standards. Our top door manufacturers provide the top quality hardware and premium double pane insulating units, and Houston Window Experts will custom measure and complete the installation.

Choose from over a dozen patio door brands

Here are a few of the benefits of sliding patio doors

  • Slim profile frame
  • Maximized views
  • Full lifetime warranty, in most cases
  • Appropriate for custom homes and light commercial applications
  • Thermal barriers that improve insulating properties
  • Narrow sightlines
  • Light and thin with high-grade materials that last a long time
  • A smooth feel to the touch
  • Sizes up to 40′ wide and 20′ tall