Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best window?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a one size fits all solution, but that is where our expertise comes in! Your needs might differ based on price, performance, aesthetics, or function. We carry an extensive number of windows from 12 brands which, unlike many other brands out there, allows us to be unbiased in helping find the best individual windows for you.

Who will be installing my windows and doors?

At Black Oak LLC, we only use our in-house employees to install your windows and doors. In fact, that is one of the biggest differentiators between us and our competitors. Most companies in our industry hire contractors who get paid by how many windows they can install in one day. That can cause a sense of urgency to hurry and make more money. In our case, we pay our staff a salary so they can focus on quality instead of quantity.

Are there safety precautions put in place during the installation process?

Yes, the safety of our staff and the protection of your home are our number one priority. You will find that our process is built around protecting your home and treating it the same way we would want to be treated if we were getting new windows and doors installed in our own homes. This means that we always wear the proper safety gear to protect our staff and we always take the extra steps to cover your furniture and flooring so that they are protected from any issues that may occur during the installation process.

Do you have insurance?

We carry worker’s compensation and liability insurance on all of our staff.

What do I need to do during the installation process?

All of the heavy lifting will be done by our team. We will move the furniture, take down and reinstall any window coverings or blinds, cover your furniture and floors to keep things clean, and we will even clean your windows before we leave. All we ask from you is that you remove any breakable and valuable items from the working areas prior to our arrival. (expensive art, china, trinkets, grand pianos, irreplaceable items, and items of sentimental value).

How long does the installation process take?

Our priority is to take as much time as we need to do things properly and to never cut corners. However, we understand and value the importance of getting things done so we can return your home to you as soon as possible. Most projects take one or two days to complete. Please ask your Product Specialist for an estimate on how long they think your project will take.

How much is installing new windows going to cost me?

Pricing can vary based on many factors. The products you choose, the difficulty of the installation, the quantity of units you purchase, and the colors and grids you select. That is why we offer free, no obligation, proposals so that you can have exact numbers, in writing, before you make any decisions about your project. We never pressure you to purchase from us. We believe that if we have what you need, and we can do it at a fair price, you may consider us for your project. We can accept a “no” just as gracefully as we can a “yes”. We treat you with honesty, dignity, and respect.

How long will it take to receive our new replacement windows?

Depending on the brand of window you select, and our current workload, windows can take anywhere from 8 weeks up to 16 weeks to arrive. Be sure to ask your Product Specialist for our current estimated lead times.

What brands do you carry?

We believe in offering multiple choices to our clients. We offer over a dozen brands of windows and doors including brands like Pella, Andersen, Marvin, Anlin, Windsor, and many more. We are like the CarMax for windows and doors. We want you to have multiple choices at a fair price without any haggling and pressure. Buying new windows from Black Oak LLC is painless, easy, and fun!

Can I see examples of your work?

We are proud of our work and love to show off! We would welcome you to drive by some of our projects in your area. We could even arrange a time for you to visit one of our active installations with prior notice. (We would always need to clear the invitation with our client before you would visit an active project). Ask your Product Specialist for details about projects near you.

Do you do window repairs?

We only offer service and repairs to our existing clients and the windows and doors that we have sold and installed. If you need help finding a service company for your windows, please be sure to ask us for a referral.

Are your windows energy efficient?

Unless you request otherwise, all of our windows and doors are going to be produced with today's best technology to ensure that you get a high-efficiency product that provides you with the benefits of a more comfortable home and a reduction in energy cost.

What color options do you have?

Most of our products come in a handful of colors and styles. We have over 100,000 combinations to choose from. While that can seem daunting, please know that our Product Specialists are here to help simplify your project and offer you exactly what you need.

Can I order windows without the installation?

Of course. We have two divisions of our company. We can offer you a turn-key service or just the materials if you have your own installer. Either way, you can take advantage of a 5-Star experience that will leave you feeling great about your experience with Black Oak LLC. Please feel free to drop by our beautiful showroom and take a look at all of our windows and doors. We would love to help with your project.