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Why You Need Someone Trusted And Reputable For Window Replacement In Middle Tennessee and Surrounding Areas?

Did you know that new double pane replacement windows can significantly save you on heating and cooling costs? Studies by the U.S. Department of Energy have proven that 30% or more of your home’s energy can be lost through inefficient windows and doors. With new windows from Black Oak Windows & Doors energy efficient windows will make your home feel more comfortable, upgrade the look, and your utility bills will also go down. An another added benefit many homeowners find with new windows is fewer pests. Because today’s vinyl windows seal more securely and can be made custom for any opening, pests, and rodents have a harder time finding little cracks to sneak through.

Our Options

We offer a wide selection of national and local brands to choose from and because we’re not handcuffed by one brand. We can offer many styles and colors to meet nearly any budget. Here are a few features all the brands we sell and install offer:

  • Efficiency – Engineered for superior energy performance, our replacement windows combine advanced materials with modern manufacturing techniques to keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.
  • Low maintenance – Our windows are made of long-lasting materials that retain their shape, color, and strength, and never need to be scraped or painted.
  • Insulated frame – While some replacement windows feature energy-efficient glass, Affordable Replacement Window Systems installs windows in which the entire frame and sash assembly are constructed of high-strength, low-conductivity materials that retain heat and keep your home weather tight.
  • Curb appeal – An expansive glass area and an attractively finished frame make our windows a beautiful new addition to your home.

Your Best Choice for Replacement Windows in Middle Tennessee

The top-rated window replacement window company in Middle Tennessee, Black Oak Windows & Doors is ready to help you reduce energy costs and make your home more beautiful and comfortable. Contact us for a free estimate today or completing our online quote request form.

What Factors Effect the Cost of New Windows? 

  • Window Types:  There are about 18 different window types you can choose from for new window installations. Some of the most popular window types are double hung windows, bay windows, casement windows, and picture windows. Each type of window has a different average cost which can be seen below.
  • Window Frames: There are three options for your window frame choices. There are vinyl windows, wood windows, and fiberglass window frames. The cheapest average cost for a vinyl window would price out at around $650, a standard wood window would be around $750, and a 48-inch standard fiberglass window would cost about 15 – 25% more than vinyl at $850.
  • Amount of Windows Replaced: Total installation cost for new windows will vary depending on how big of a project you are planning. If you were to replace a single window vs. replacing all windows in your home will affect the final price.
  • Energy Efficient Options: There are actually quite a few upgrades for new home windows including double paned or triple paned glass, high energy star ratings, argon gas insertion, Low-E coatings, soundproofing options, and much more. All of these custom options will help build up your windows’ energy efficiency and save you money on future utility bills.
  • Installation & Labor Costs: Installing new windows is a big home improvement project that often needs a qualified professional’s expertise to have your home’s windows perfectly installed. It pays off to have a qualified professional install your windows and not opt for DIY or less skilled contractor from a big box store.
  • Quality Window Warranty:  All of the best window brands will come with a quality window warranty that comes standard with any new window options.  A great warranty will help protect your overall investment and should always be considered when purchasing new windows.
  • Local Window Installation & Labor Costs: The average labor costs for window installation is around $38 per hour, but could vary depending on the skill level needed to install the window type, how many installers it will take to complete the job, and also what the average local price for labor and installation is.