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Wood has been a staple construction product throughout the world for thousands of years, and remains so today. This includes wood windows, which are a popular and efficient way to insulate your home, keep cold air out in the winter, and warm air out in the summer. Additionally, wood windows are very aesthetically pleasing and can give your home a classic, rustic look. They can also be stained or painted to match the rest of your home’s colors.

As far as insulation goes, wood windows are very effective. They are as good as, if not better, than aluminum or vinyl. They will regulate the temperature within your home and help you cut down on your heating and cooling expenses, which can really add up if your home isn’t properly insulated from the elements.

Wood windows have a fairly long life expectancy, as long as they are properly maintained. They need to be repainted and resealed often to prevent cracks from forming or spreading. If wood windows are not properly maintained, they will not be efficient insulators and your gas and electric bills will start to increase again. Fortunately, it is usually not necessary to replace wood windows if you take good care of them. Repairing them using sealant or another sealing solution should generally do the trick. If you live in a place with a large amount of precipitation, you should be careful to keep your windows in good shape, as wood windows are susceptible to water damage and staining. In Murfreesboro, many homeowners actually prefer our Aluminum Clad Wood Windows. Ask our Expert about the details.

Living in Middle Tennessee we ask a lot of our homes, especially in those areas where we expect protection from the brutal heat and pouring rain. Our home windows are expected to perform and look great while doing so. When it comes to time to replace your windows how can you choose the right material with so many options? While vinyl, wood, and aluminum replacement windows are all great choices nothing quite compares to the virtually maintenance-free fiberglass options available.

High-performance fiberglass windows are designed to withstand the elements, increase energy efficiency and mimic the look and feel of traditional wood without the maintenance required of solid wood or some vinyl products.   Our fiberglass products come in a variety of shapes and sizes and colors from some of the most trusted names in the home window replacement industry like Marvin, Pella, Anlin, and more all installed by our team of AAMA Certified Master Installers. 

Why Replace With Fiberglass?

  • Fiberglass windows can last between 30–50 years
  • They offer better noise and weather insulation which comes in handy in large metro areas like Nashville
  • Natural, recyclable material
  • Fiberglass replacement windows will not warp or expand due to temperature change
  • They will increase the value of your home while lowering your energy costs
  • The material is lighter, thinner, and stronger than most windows
Aluminum windows have evolved a great deal since they first gained popularity in homes during the late 1960s. They were originally designed as a thriftier alternative to wood and steel that would protect the frames against atmospheric and chemical agents in post-war America. Today’s Aluminum Windows are manufactured to be extremely functional, just about maintenance-free, and complementary to both modern and traditional home design. They are much stronger than vinyl windows and will never rot as wood windows could.

What is Thermal Aluminum?

Thermally broken aluminum windows are manufactured with a barrier between the inside and outside window frames that resists conductive thermal energy loss. Whether through the blazing Texas heat or cold weather, thermally broken windows improve the comfort level inside your home. As a general rule Thermally broken aluminum windows are not desirable in cold climates but work nearly as well as any other window material in hotter climates. Through modern engineering and next-generation materials, you can now get the strength, narrow profile, and performance you are looking for in a premium aluminum window.

Aluminum Replacement Windows Appearance

An aluminum window frame is thinner than vinyl, which suits today’s modern aesthetic. It’s also better for use in large, commercial buildings or big residential windows.

Since vinyl can’t be painted, the color pallet is limited, but aluminum frames can be painted to provide an exact color match.

Doesn’t Metal Conduct Heat More Than Vinyl?

Yes, and before the use of the thermal-break technique, there would have been no contest in efficiency, but those days are gone. A thermal break separates the outside metal from the inside extruded metal frames with high-density polyurethane, creating the insulation needed for energy efficiency. Unlike the aluminum windows of old, the newer generation uses the thermal break to fight energy transfer from the outside to the inside.

Getting to Know Thermal Breaks

Not all Murfreesboro aluminum replacement windows are created equal. A single aluminum window should have more than just one thermal break. If you’re not sure, ask Black Oak LLC the following questions about the aluminum windows you’re considering:

  • How many thermal breaks does this window have?
  • Are there breaks in the jambs, heads, sills, and sashes?
  • Are there breaks in alignment?

Anytime you have metal touching metal, there will be heat transfer. One surface gets hot and transfers the heat to any surface that is connected. This is also true of glass touching metal or other glass. Placing an insulating material between the two surfaces creates a break in the thermal transfer of energy. Thermal breaks also fight the condensation that often occurs in cheap aluminum windows and provides better insulating values.

Why do Homeowners Choose Aluminum Windows?

Aren’t aluminum windows ‘my father’s replacement windows?’

  • If your home currently has aluminum windows and you’re only replacing a few of them, Black Oak LLC can provide a match.
  • The Don Young Window Company, one of the brands we’re proud to offer, is known for its high-performance aluminum windows.
  • Budget-conscious clients get high-quality Murfreesboro aluminum replacement windows for a reasonable price.
  • Your father would be proud of your cost/benefit decision.

Are the Available Glass Packages Different in Aluminum Windows?

In addition to the many styles available – as many, as are offered in vinyl, wood, or fiberglass – the glass is Energy Star™ compliant and combines LoE Glass with an Argon gas spacer system for enhanced energy efficiency. Additionally, your windows are made-to-order based on your unique needs. Popular features include:

  • Low air infiltration rates
  • Inside glazed with solid aluminum glazing bead
  • Weatherstripping to seal the sash for additional protection against wind, dirt, and noise
  • Optional obscure and green-tinted glass
  • Wide variety of grid patterns

What Styles are Available in Aluminum Replacement Windows?

Black Oak LLC can go over all your options, but in general, anything available in vinyl can be done in aluminum. A sampling of styles includes:

  • Single hung
  • Fixed picture windows
  • Double hung
  • Double sliders
  • Aluminum casement
“Composite” is the latest buzzword in our industry. It’s like saying “organic” in the food industry. Some of what is claimed is just marketing while other parts of what is claimed are actually true and beneficial to your home window project. If you are looking for windows that are strong, perform better in the elements than thin-walled vinyl, won’t peel or fade and never need maintenance, then composite windows may be the best choice for your home window project. Composite windows are the newest generation of materials used in the world of windows and doors and are available in a wide range of styles and specifications. At Black Oak LLC we offer composite windows from leading manufacturers like Pella and Fiber Frame backed by our first-class customer service and innovative installation techniques from certified AAMA Master Installers. Choose between composite casement windows, single or double hung, bay and bow, picture windows, sliders, or awnings that enhance the overall aesthetics of your home while increasing its energy efficiency.

Why Choose Composite Windows?

  • Composite windows are more durable and have a much longer lifetime than vinyl windows. These windows can have a life cycle of 70 years or more which easily knocks some of the competition out of the water.
  • The insulation properties of the composite materials make for a much more energy-efficient home that assists in regulating household temperatures.
  • Some composite windows have a wood veneer interior. This gives you the durability of a composite with the beauty and warmth of wood.
  • Composite windows are available in a wide range of options including colors, sizes, and styles making it easy for Murfreesboro homeowners to find the perfect window for their window replacement project.
  • Contact one of our Black Oak LLC Product Specialists today to learn more about replacing your home’s windows with our collection of energy-efficient, sustainable, and long-lasting windows. Schedule a free in-home consultation, it pays to talk to an expert!